poetry journal

Issue #2, Spring 2007

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mark young - richard kostelanetz - john crouse - mez breeze
reed altemus - ville-juhani sutinen - david divizio - john m. bennett

mark young


1. First lineS Frank O'Hara

Sitting in a corner of

the gallery, smiling

through my own memories

of painful excitement, 

your wide eyes so. He

has a funnel instead 

of a penis. So many

echoes in my head, so

many things in the 

air! Soot, so that 

the pliant, so the rain

falls, so we are taking off

our masks are we, & 

Some days I 

feel that I exude a 

fine dust. Someone else's 

Leica sitting on the 

table sometimes. I think 

I am a tiny figure. Spain!

Much more beautiful 

than Eqypt. Suddenly 

that body appears

in my smoke. Summer

is over. Suppose you

really do, toward the end.


Processor onlyString = new Processor() {

     public Object process(Object obj, 

     Collection alwaysNull) {

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             return obj;

         } else {

             return null;




 Enumeration strings = Enumerations.filter

     (elems, onlyString);


The refreshed


Nothing new.

Old things



to his 

failing eyes.


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I take a break from translating the Complete Works of Tacitus into
Estonian & go for a walk along the esplanade.

We are many miles from the sea. Probably sixty. It will be a long walk
to the sea before I can walk beside it.

But then, I have never read Tacitus. I am learning Estonian to prepare
myself for it. Then Tacitus. Then re-read him, with an English-Estonian
dictionary becide me.

I am plagued by doubts. I know more Latin than Estonian. Perhaps it
would be easier to translate directly from the original rather than put
English in the middle.

It will be my life's work. My Life's Work. My meisterarbeit. I am
reading the histories of the Roman Empire & the people Tacitus wrote
about before reading him. I am learning Estonian.

I am walking towards the water. Halfway along the way Tacitus joins me.
We converse in Latin. It sounds like a bad Mass. Conjugations confuse
the radar cameras which means we can speed if we want to. I wonder what
Estonian sounds like.

Tacitus tells me. Turns out he has relatives in the Baltic with whom he
has always kept in touch, whom he talks to regularly on the phone, &
that any one of the Finno-Ugric branch of the Uralic family of languages
sounds similar to the others. I do not believe him, not about the
language but about his relatives.

He begins to recite a poem in Latin. Then he recites it in the original
Estonian. He tells me it is included in Heinrici Chronicon Livoniae
which he had a hand in translating. Then he starts talking to me in

I run away from him. I am pulled over by the Highway Patrol. By the time
they let me go with a caution Tacitus has disappeared.

I continue walking towards the sea. An hour or so after dawn I reach it.
It calls to me in English, says "Enter me, walk towards the islands." I
go in. As my head goes beneath the water it starts cajoling me in Latin.
The sea sounds remarkably like Tacitus.

I walk on. Coral & seashells cut my feet. The sea bathes them & wraps
them in bandages so I can continue. Eventually my reticence fades. We
begin to become more open with one another. 

We talk in Estonian.

richard kostelanetz




john crouse


Forcefully, sludge, series, catharsis, elaborately, preferred, untutored, 
bodily, defying, media, luxury, anonymous, fantastic, autobiography,
enclosed, intricate, ruins, visual, conform, dignity, paste, popularity,
blur, spectators, collages, egoism, zero, democratic, inventive, domain,
illusion, angst, elitism, published, interaction, sacred, tendency,
dimension, industry, distorting, gesture, renounce, submitted,
spectacles, composers, foundation, dynamic, inherent, highlight,
collaboration, links, radicals, questions, advertising, text,
disciplines, genders, films, incorporate, inspiration, anthology,
anarchic, creating, influence, utopian, application, hysterical, fusion,
variation, sunny, replacement, dazzle, folklore, imagination, movement,
machine, perspective, rotary, article, commercialism, motif, handling,
maximum, embrace, edgy, imager, christened, expound, jelly, scorn,
metaphysical, fuss, primitive, immensely, figurative, introduction,
musculature, patriotic, attracting, embark, reminiscent, values, dealer,
citizenry, upholding, victims, murals, political, agrarian, heroic,
resettlement, chauvinistic, scene, glorify, resolution, cult, debate,
technology, outsider, asylum, exorcism, telephone, doodles, tool,
mystic, primal, wine, graffiti, vocabulary, housewife, perpetual, knees,
homemade, woodcuts, nicknamed, notorious, criticism, absence, spirits,
popular, future, sprang, solo, ugly, society, aesthetic, motto,
encounter, umbrella, dissecting, intended, chaos, masks, castration,
crayon, unsettling, logic, bourgeois, dolls, repertoires, mankind,
realism, contradictory, repressed, shackles, bizarre, eroticisation,
determination, barriers, negation, synthesis, existence, decorative,
version, widespread, content, space, challenge, banned, portrayal,
banded, entertaining, aligned, irrational, vernacular, tactics,
recitation, folly, paradox, interaction, confusion, mustache, bleeding,
satire, elasticity, reverberation, powerless, attack, montage, recall,
mentor, ecclesiastical, destruction, goal, unconscious, orientated,
ultimate, portfolio, weakened, medieval, coincidence, ballet,
meditation, globe, endpapers. 

mez breeze

_competition m.[d]body_ment_

 competition m.bodies the myth of freedom;
-u r free 2 operate in an open market
-u r free via demo.crazy
.free 2 b smarter than ur neighbours
.free 2 b as sarcastic + pseudo-liberal as u like
.free 2 offer versions as fact
.free 2 present jib[e]s as n.teraction

#u r not free.
#u r not non-controlled.
#u r indoctrinated like the rest of us.

u r:
controlled enuff 2 b cultu[vi]r[tu]ally myopic
controlled enuff 2 denigrate x.periential leanings
controlled enuff 2 consider argument as tool
controlled in2 viewing socratic method = free-form
controlled enuff 2 perceive justifications as truth
controlled enuff 2 state ur opinion as fact
controlled enuff 2 offer hidden abuse as humor
controlled enuff 2 consider history = static
controlled enuff 2 subliminally feel urs is the right>only>valid way
controlled enuff 2 assume a sense of beauty is universal
controlled enuff 2 spout point scoring as x.change
controlled enuff 2 declare arrogance = openess

.smudged teats.+.g.lit[eral]ter trees.




reed altemus


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beach ten-times-faster and running out or was it the same weather dress
with hills and that lone pine tree a few stiff drinks a crevice a gift
could overcome this dead man and his desires to be subtle nothing is spare
or changed if we play with the hands on the clock and still the weary
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pulsing in the wind is one of the three specific responses to such a
conical strain projections trinkets that resound by locking abracadabra
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to sleep cheapen of tilted bundles and synchronarchy ask for it in a of
spittle into bed I clamber my brains of non floating about

work in progress  Reed Altemus 01/21/06-08/15/06

left from a cut-up

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ville-juhani sutinen

debroah wants to you to see her new toy (spam poem)


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cell (google generator poem)

Before I read the cell I described the five tiers of a block. The wire mesh over bars. How a man in lock up might exercise it three or four times with Beth Burnside? Molecular and Cell Biology, Rogow recent project: the faces from UC Press features Aulelei Love, same cell. For women in prison and for Smokey Robinsons Gang Bangin Season 3, Season 4, Season 5: access the article! Cell Talk Brief Article from Prairie Schooner. The winning team works on the first lines, using a phone. Race photo: the runner for the losing team conveys their evolving masterpiece to special days. This month searching for the gold. Intelligence is the linking of brains neurones by connective tissue known as dendrites - I think it would be great if we can use phones as a teaching one to hear a rap. 2 to hear a beat, to hear a Shakespeare etc. Alone in life dark I scratch at my glass walls as someone who admired and returned to books like The Gold Cell and The Dead and the Living. Cell sites must be spaced closely together to provide good coverage, but the minimum separation required between two nearby co channels is me.

was krakow my inhalation (spam poem)


Give judgment without appeal... the consequence of which is, that mankind will soon understand Germans well enough, attend to their sermons, and observe... though I am convinced that Caesar's ghost never appeared to Brutus, yet I observe carefully what displeases or pleases you in others - and be reserve; these are the rudiments of a politician, the world must be yours... may hereafter compare it with other courts which you will see; should be much ashamed to be ignorant of that fact, as related by, as if they had not done, and that the sting were still to come.


This experience can suggest, may probably not be useless to you... how many troops in the regiments of horse and dragoons and how many men in each? ...will more than pay you for your trouble; I do not regret the time that I shaved you, but not condescend to do anything else... I therefore advise his order to be touched: it is true, the church of Rome furnished people, every priest of every religion is either a public or a down to the Savoyard's raree-shows.


TO THE GRACES! The different effects of the same things, said or done, advice is seldom welcome and those who want it the most always like it restrained, by a very little reflection but as it is generally connected these memoirs, most of which are printed in italics pray attend to, and whether it resides in the sovereign, or in consistories and synods... "du coeur!" ...if he had said, instead of "souvent, tresque toujours", I fear knowledge or judgment, yet it has its use in other respects for it some additional qualifications necessary, in the practical part of commonplace, insipid jokes, and insults upon the clergy.


These tricks afterward grow habitual to them... some put their fingers in other hand, many Protestant princes, under the pretense of extirpating acquainted with, will gradually smooth you up to the highest polish.... in marriage for he scrupled no means to obtain his ends all at once? ...I think that I can, eventually, answer that question, then, by the marriage of his son Philip, Archduke of Austria, with Jane, it to a state of health and vigor.


Observe the difference there is on places of public worship, as I would have you go to all the different specimen of what I mean: own dominions or privileges, these views respectively, among the chiefs thus: If you consider my letters in their true light, as conveying to you virtues, than for avoiding their opposite vices; vice, in its true light, are not the common growth of this country... it is in your power to acquire questions, see likewise everything at the fair, from operas and plays, to supplant each other in the favor, of the squire, as any two courtiers singly by good historians, which are worth your reading - the revolutions and a puerile declaimer.

david divizio

bash-2.04# xclip -o | ddvar1

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jutridt  thirty  ~     utter     high 
and      three   ~     ultra     regret 

john m. bennett


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Edited Jukka-Pekka Kervinen
All works copyright by authors

Espoo, Finland, 2007