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Issue #6, Winter 2010

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Maria Damon & Jukka-Pekka Kervinen - Alan Sondheim - Peter Ganick -
Gregg Murray - Bob BrueckL - Lanny Quarles

Maria Damon & Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

Re: [....] The eagle swims, engorged, ad astra with worlds hugely arked, fucked on querelling cults, is that am or pm? and why merengue rather than basket weave, prostitution wrecked aloft, per aspera old love, new love, whatsoever? Dirty forms, witty terms, perforate newly freedom phone debit praxis. Jukka-Pekka Kervinen wrote: > D72TY>Y*L:[(F6M$ > M#:P,AD>6/IC<_&$ > 2[?E3W2WYJ?FQYAA > ?9MWL7G#^`->G1Y( > .(#WL.5GH[XSC5G$ > D`E%A,O@1@'WLKDZ > /_HGE`O[)?'+72W: > 4R8)%UL'*'9M/PM? > #)WZ5<75L#S,\^4] > L]Q%FT/X]J$\^(1W > D(;

Re: HZ)

I'm a skinny moon over New York.
Are you nobody too?
SOS with lotsa cashdollars,
gurgle rhizomatic sexomatic
ricin sun, seitan moon, skinny cow
feckless Atilla went for the high...
How reckless to be in Chiapas
under a crescent.

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen wrote:
> *_)
> .
> n-
> Y
> $@os
> +N]/e4
> Gg+  
> HI>  
> 'Ri5UY_1gi
> [M
> ACF2
> S
> AkLos
> 5
> Xpa
> *  

Re: ....

help and incline
Xanax and union
Jeeeezuss has four hands
excuse me, but relax at the surface,
provincial arts and private lives
false leads in a vexed year but
beautiful nice final year,
dirk and snee, dagger and jag,
grotto and nestles gracious as an
underground society poet.

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen wrote:
> @X8"6f_(TM)h@L8"Nb e39l #@#F3y
> ,Qu(0@aF&H Me0@ @#us
>  3|(TM)"c K# XN,EURJSvX IM5@ ?a
> @|LL !3r8%"#%(/("Xeͨ08XK.
>  V# KEURg EUR3HH-Ie&!aMu# |I@
> NrF30|dN N...9F;` F'Ah^J9f  
> M>2aiXN Q8}rd>_[8a6 &  
> `@ V8[Lo3clN2sEUR|d0*X#%2"ejb
> h!v9V #b>  3X@ J cn j5# @P
> 68^| V#X5%3 A3NVy9% hhA5d  

Re: ....

Flushed w/ three-in-one fever, staying tuned to Low
the bowie-iggy complex divided by effusion
and feed and shelter, chapter and verse
alien lust plus thrust multiplex, fresh men
contact, more chaotic than most, poor boy
escapades and scattered, lie-detectors and hymns
hugging hugely, exacting streams, the first rescued worker
turn blush, weeping and gnashing of ariate transit,
a little slower going up, plus mulled mastic exploding
plastic and high alphabet eternal, sainted lust and light,
stoicism, onus on the one war-whoops shipping nude to the blue land, blind
emergence from the mind.

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen wrote:
>           ____________- 3 uses it in n  d  --___ LOW c 1100000    1
> ch is i 00    11000  -_- _-_-_-_-_-_  t  use div2  __________--- -_
>    7  and  _-_-_-_-_- 00 it      _---_>   D   _ und cha ___ ----- e 1)
>  on s thus mul tm pes 4,5,6,  place each -_-_-_-_-_- register  nal
> -_-- ----x---x- ->     Po complicated   ap nd chan most c ------- -_-_-_-
>  -----___ -------   0100   each Poly    01110     __ _-__-_--_  0,
> 10001    00 sed on ---__--- t to use div --->   B     D   6  _---___-
> ti _- -- ed ---- ypes  peration TSC, however her 1     00 y an XOR
> op cuted and>Bel ---- thus multip -___---_  4bit    treams, the operati
> ftmost bit i   31 en lo actly  --__----  is ------- n:>  zabcdef -_- 
> ernal
> Poly Fo _---_-_-____ _- ------- ----- -----_ r 4bit - he 000 .. >  

Alan Sondheim

Deeply Random Poem / Poetics

Sample Random Data from Nanooptics QRNG (quantum random number
generator) service, Humboldt University

?!*0 r0s3 0WTY 6w6+@+6N" T+b) h!b# PqA+ 0~YK .RJs 5LHxC .SGta S8 " 9O=#
F]F~p 9=?z`6u j[~\4c Ge7W !9@L DB@c mow9Z [g1)MX StRV dpHRZ PitW -zz^
}'(c7 pvx07n(C q%\zE  
2Vpb E{2q K,Id
 	*k|m< H#~s ;Qc: LAc` (H\;x ~lTt +1Fx k-A<
 	Q`Y ueK. LwHUx veC2L (\C?
D/h` ]_Mh E3!psW Nkst
 	)T;a )A?!x $ujK ?  
  `L0 k$xm TI\p4 X,lS 6S|q[S7
K2H0 \ya x
  [1v uF_m 7+P`m 3UlBA ~sYVQ=uF "k`m $9Jo
(4lP %VkK 6kvx $8k& N%C N d8,u =M6ll8 bH(v \ePuP? %\t'AW6. m3wC Wte1z
TzLI XSlq iV+c 7'cv Yc>* z~Hl+ cKhZ. \vB2 0!UB VAd- t#c4 
N-Lb wk{g z=3u] m]9|p oLtp +\]n R`O\ =r/ W pHrc
!ORl u<8VkpS l@MBh t3"M8Aq q>9Z _?[`=rMR r{B{ Lo2T p@7FO .i={ qVZQOy^l
n2>@ R1]YU s{eV vHIR 8K4Fb  
ML{d R19X f@$G l55@O cA^Z U"#8V^
Q [zV l uEzW Ki1( Gw"Yb(, ^'yB D*Gb .&] F7i8 oD+5 V,QB +5 U
S-;R ;|;^ /hZvLIJ s}|^R Jc33 ":TG \.2= i5t1 Oe*p !t`Ar <5Xp P7Xf e#k[
b#dM MfP# +;`Bo "=?/ ~\==< X-LFB D/(M &_E7 I_Lz z(YK Y:hy ~FKp [NRTf
EoAO 'gx;e[ oAp[ guQmL *`9F zH_3\
 	kST ^h`{ A/U$%[. Akus T )b -KS8 {2 Ej ]3|g
hq(ywVPr .zr'$=X N6Dw S|+C ]&3? epTC Hp+ 0|J2 ipB' "h2SK FP&*H ^Y@(,R
y)TR D[[I v!Dp TAwA 7OD~R = GC I:$lb~ ':S2 F\\IPS
[D|[ mROG gU8T Oo#Y )A#n H}!$Q' g>M_J QxOXh $Cm\ KE$0 WcjD Z!|2 .UV$6e
!;dH Wcb8 l+WEQ O%/e- ZdI k7|; o )zD
: oK
)3\; _Ai] s~J. Kt3X 2C82 kc$3  @:Ov RZgm {%oYJ 8bKSC8 _wA,
Sv(c g56Q @:y& C`d> rG\p Ku3" f{:[ N6WY\ JX/Af> G&8f= i).S GJoz k/+m
&NRV< oo96 +wW: ptI5 i3!!uc (y`r~ wLpV S$}"g lM#r ]:*X kJP= [z2) i|X$
lvy>F I9+y ca:) Z{5zf( S/13D Agw9 t#To jY}H 1.Y& -"& !09$V 5LX<)<  
"0Um6CO" %%+H[~ v5biPA 6EH1 ~j[E T+`OS Nm[s> 8@=* _{9+ S;nb Sg!8: crSz
&e_& Re#RUz Ow,SD
~C@UVr~h ~fPs dj41 6]xZ!" LKFj#* I^qC MK[g Ab`s3d AjS6
>RMwe @x![k3[ k1;~ h1Q' *+}? !-JF P`'"U
u=gL "g; g Xi!s
YJt2? =3 w^ L@y'K qZ0p qb NnSW @@;d 3-dKQ0 8f\? [+xL
$QD@ 9w iT!" tk4. 0R}'
Ia`j A7)0 Q|qpdX U^G7 zqC3 ^SI+ ]12~ [BC]e wOq[ YxNb xJ}.
My~` 1,`c "	G@p5 {YhA r8_' <~Cq x~&! w]>> (G>C zp}5 +"[Q Zc?8 QQOv
h~Idm -zzW h.'w
KrRU2% QXFV QB-W 4/Tl+? 1)n'M \b2[; 924h (QtD1
se,( 0^5RjEo I#'[21["rS Qk+f2 kZz"? @:o,W~-u 122# 

The Second Deeply Random QRNG Poem

pkoe ly r sOly  WTYly SwSchjecSNh"  TcbhU  hhkebhl  PaAcly  hueYKh
eRJsly RLHxCh .eSGtaly SHh "  NOhil  FfFhueply Nhipezh`eSuly jehuaeUch
  GeTWh keNhjeLly DBhjecly mowNZly eeEhUeMXly StRVly dpHRZly PitWh -ezzho
    ecTly pvx Tnly k
  Kh eCly ah aezEh
  IVpbly Eh eIaly KbIdh
 	oekh|emly  Hhluesly aQcdly LAch`  eHhaeaxh uelTtly cEFxh
 	eQh`eYly ueKh.  LwHUxly veCILly aeChp  dVEWBly Dhrehh`  f_Mhh
  EOhkepsWly Nksth
 	UeTaah UeAhpkexh meujKh p eSXly cchieaPhoeSNkly eoHUly OSJly
  OhmeZuh - reRh
  Oh neuh
  jeEuh refHaly ahaeeysly Ixbily eJaTly kph r  eKXhm  Hmh`ealy WwVly Vh
peXbKhoj  Ah|eNaly lxcLwGly ddhjebly LhaezGxly TUyYly Nh eMerly dXsdh
peNh eWly eovdly bReh.  LWhaeoly Zh"euely  kYRykly dWh eauh oeVhneeh
   maHly dh erly Nchla.ekly eFh-" pezwnh
  ShlebYly edSh epyly ShpeICaIEfh "eHcwly sFh eBh oeEyBly VlOmly fHWVQh
  fhoemh`  Uaham r.enh eRly xhaeBJly OhoneHly enh.
  `eL ly khmexmly TIhaepUly XblSly SSh|eaeSTh lmec Hly KIH h aeyaly xh
   eEvly uF_mly TcPh`emly OUlBAh uesYVQhieuFh "ekh`emh meNJoh
  eUlPly eVkKly Skvxh meHkhn  Nh eCly Nly dHbuh ieMSllHly bHh evh
aeePuPhp  aeth eAWSh.  mOwCly WteEzly TzLIly XSlaly iVccly Th ecvh
  Ych o  zhueHlcly cKhZh. aevBIly  hkeUBly VAdh-  thlecUly eMeEly BMTHh
  Ehnp   Nh-eLbly wkh eely zhieOufly mfNh|eply oLtply chaefnly Rh`eOha
ierhr  Wly pHrcly dZPETh keORlly uh eHVkpSly lhjeMBhly tOh"eMHAah
  ah eNZly _hpeeh`ierMRly rh eBly  LoITly phjeTFOh .eihi   aVZQOyhoelh
  nIh j  REfYUly sh eeVly vHIRly HKUFbh
  MLh edly RENXly fhjmeGly lRRhjeOly cAhoeZly Uh"leHVho
  Qh eHSly OMh.eely HHHhn reIhUu .efHK vly Lfsily NmhueOh aeROMsh
  ily dbh`efly TOOnAly HTeAly IrIUh.etly AHfh eKly bvEOly  ezVly lh
  uEzWly KiEly  Gwh"eYbh ebh o eyBly DhoeGbh .nefly FTiHly oDcRly VbQBh
  cRly Uly Sh-eaRly ah|eaho rehZvLIJly sh |oeRly JcOOh "edTGh a.eIhi
  iRtEly Oehoeph keth`eArly eRXply PTXfly ehlekely bhledMly MfPhl
  cah`eBoh "ipr uaii   Xh-eLFBly Dhr eMh ne_ETly I_Lzly zh eYKly Ydhyh
ueFKply eNRTfly EoAOh  eexaeely oApely euQmLh o`eNFly zH_Oha
 	ekSTh oehh`   AhreUhm eeh.  Akusly Th Uebh -eKSHly eIly Ejh
  hah eywVPrh .ezrh mieXly NSDwly Sh|ecCly fhneOhp  epTCly Hpcly  h|eJIh
  ipBh  "ehISKly FPhnoeHh oeYhj ebRly yhUeTRly DeeIly vhk eOly Pdly eh
  ehlpeTfh "aefNly _ehi eDply TAwAly TODhueRh i  GCly Idhmelbhu  edSIh
  FhaaeIPSly eDh|eely mROGly eUHTly OohleYh UeAhlenly Hh kmeQh   eh eM_Jh
  QxOXhh meCmha  KEhme ly WcjDly Zhk|eIh .eUVhmeSeh keadHly WcbHly lcWEQh
  Oh reeh-  ZdIly kTh|ealy oh UezDly dly oKh UeOhaealy _Aifly shueJh.
  KtOXly ICHIly kchmeOly eswxly GhneSly  Dh elly  QXbhi kecNAly Ohk.
  bYeJhjj  EJIITHkly _h efTfly rZKily Uch-elINly bly eOh
  ch eptly efh"eEly Oh"keIly cnNh.ealy eh"peFhj  OhleQLly ih`efh`eYh
  Hhlemoly WjhkeDMly hjWwly VhaeCBly Pehoenly Dh eUh enh.  ZuXIh
 eIOh errrh-  Melrly FjOrah " evw ly VhaenObhu  dh eCHly kXop ly mCOCRh
  ehkejly  OewVSly meaRly elh eFly _huojeyly ROhn eNly aLhjaeZly WnEh-u
  euGxly nMwfly Hly Nxly hsh.o  Uhne SOh
 	evh"eMly ahi ejh
   bUIly FcIWly SShaelly ofvdElly VfARly Rhrh" `eblshleLh oeMh|exh
  YhmeSly  lOJslhm  a_hUealy SOoho  mhr eLly Nujhul  UZbhh-eVh akU  cibh
  rly fih ebTly Drhmedly thmiecly Vh"e_ly jedOvly RZemly  eoYJly HbKSCHh
  _wAbly Svh ecly eRSQh jedyhn  Ch`edly  rGhaeply KuOh"  fh edely NSWYha
  JXhreAfly  GhneHfhi  ihU.eSly GJozly khrecmh neNRVly  ooNSly cwWdh
  ptIRly iOhkkeucly eyh`erhu  wLpVly Shm "eely lMhlerly fdhoeXly kJPhi
  ezIhU  ih|eXhm  lvyh eFly INcyly cadhU  Zh eRzfly  ShreEODly AewNh
  thleToly jYh eHly Eh.eYhn -"n ke NhmeVly RLXh U
"e UmSCOh"   ecHehu  vRbiPAly SEHEh uejeEly Tch`eOSly Nmesly  Hhjio
  _h eNcly Sanbly SehkeHdly crSzh nee_hn  RehleRUzly OwbSDh
ueChjeUVrhuehh uefPsly djUEly SfxZhk"  LKFjhlo  IhoeaCly MKeeh
  Abh`esOdly AjSSh
  eRMwh exh
  ySEeShiedly H_hUeHh rkehhn ueaAh eSly ejEMly PdhUeuly keh eeh
jexhkeekOely kEahu  hEQh  oech p k-eJFly Ph` "eUly uhieeLh "eealy eh
  YJtIhp ieOly who  Lhjeyh eKly aZ ply ably NnSWh jjeadly Oh-edKQ h
  Hfhap  ecxLh
meQDhj  Nh eQely Awh" ejh
  LIcily Oh ehfbly QaUph erly Gh|m   pZ_Jly bbKlwly SThp eNh reshueNh
meXehn  Ihj ewly iThk"  tkUh.   Rh    Iah`ejly AThUe ly Qh|eapdXh
  UhoeGTly zaCOh oeSIcly fEIhu  eBCfely wOh eHly bGly eaely YxNbly xJh .
  l ehh-
  Myhu`  Ebh`ech "	eGhjepRly eYhAly rH_h   ueCaly xhunk  wfly
  eGh eCly zph eRly ch"eeQly ZchpeHly QQOvly hhueIdmh -ezzWly hh. ewh
  dlch eShremly  KrRUIly  QXFVly QBh-eWly Uh eZh h|
 	k eJly ATceYly cXRHly Hhleaeeyh . -jefHaly _h .    uSehh .eaKfh
  efly HFh
meYeGh `u.U  etTZly uYh`eslly TaShkeEh
   fSJh` oeRhieIly rZ_hn  yQhm   SOzUly eh reTlchp  Eh eeDh eKly EppWh
  Uly  emly QSRioly euh.eyly BWGhl newKuly sAh n  SHTSly shaeSaly ZvJly
  jfdxh keTh erh reKly hrly teh-eKbly eUSBdly Ebh Uenh eMh aebIealy NIUhh
  eQtDEly sebly   hoeRRjEoly Ihl eeIEeh"erSly QkcfIly kZzh"p jedobWhu-euh
  EIIhl  euhjo  fhlneTSladly EEly xly eDly  a  TTeSly xLVUdh jechp

Peter Ganick

beethoven copying.
than hat-trick. void ceiling-spanner.
the rideaux inflates mignon-protection.

grace tools saturn the saturnine.
three-carpet magician.
cross the road for handkerchiefs.

densest intensity.
from baffles tokens of alarm.


dust ebb
enigma frail dust

the than
so raided arrival

consult tones
than curtailment so

frailty bilateral
unchecked agree illbience

a quarried
svelte ambergris loka

bribe sibilants
theo-critical favoritisms so

as grail
the confluence adds


grain orbit----glow cloaking echoes---tectonic as lutenist globe
itselv selving the uni-tent----why notwhere herewhere insulator?
velo those repaid----stirred up-----called barrister and muralese
the confabulatory----stuff watched on bead tremor evaporate so
evaporate to tune a gravitas multiple omission pertinence rates
the devote inasmuchas widely admissible-----theory of progress
theory of time-----computational cauchemar---'waiting for godot'.

Gregg Murray

 Poem for Birk
 We meet again, Birk, 
Hombres of the switchblade gloaming
Ah! whose
filmy corona impeaches the glass
Smeared like a palindrome?
I know it
from your outline
Watch dog
Quote, bitch,
You know the side
World-motherfucking wide


cherish glens of gel and clink glass
treegrown commodes, glades,
pain real as a paper lamp wrinkle
i could see you in the ooze
sunreel, remoted and restamped
as sludge
it's ok
i strayed just far enough to change some signs
the law of the cosine
curve, for 1, what justified the curmudgeonly
i gave the masonhanded barista
a plea:
darn a hatespool
aver some o'erspun snag
and fair enough
will the thing just let go
or do I have 
to compel it

Bob BrueckL

April 30, 2010 -- Friday

inconcocted quiddity, quammish skookum squog, mallow mowburn, schizocarpic sickle moon,
spitspot slickspot, fuchsia pink, mauve, burnet, magenta -- back off, slouch, crumbum -- disponge
the spillflote, sordid brutal mibble bespattered, demur mulct, gnarly-brocaded placuisse,
deep-violet to napthol-reddish purple, brilliant blotch botch, twant long before the frazzled
platypussary wuz squawking, inveighing veriloquent: aeknowledge the hemorrhaging buzzsaw,
perpend the exylem of the pernoctalian cat's paw spay, n-of-1


callipygian starfall, blanc mange, borborygmus, snallygaster (schnelle geeschter), dares,
profanation in increments, to be eaten, toxic, ringworm schmozzle, the stoutest pedagogiske, saa
soe, callicolpian cachexy, ikkje, deformed testicles, defoamed testicles, stunted testicles, withered
testicles, bruised testicles, crushed testicles, torn-out testicles, cut-off testicles, burnt testicles,
pruned testicles, contagious testicles, maimed testicles, azo scarlet, paroxysmic anal douching
before the fabtraption of drunken, shit-faced, cobalt blue buttsex, didapper cow flop, arecaceae,
belly timber tuetur, phony caca, psycho-bigot, Yod & Vav in the crosswinds, dochmiac hoedown,
globose or ovoid pericarp, wheal hoh bariolage, fiduciary moniker slowdown, grousing noop,
resofincular pessaries


 June 29, 2010 -- Tuesday
Curvacious excrescences waver in vacuums of nacreous sorrows.


Raucous swerves never cower in swarms of marrowy scum.


The awesome evanescence-essence manures waves of rancor.


Drenched open, shooi, to be besirpled, to be ogdoaded, to be a pissed-off syncopist, to be
onerous, youah (no-see-um), to be a scamp -- abat-jour -- to be an Anglo-Saxon, flunky scrooping
to unwoman me and my pale orchises, a pinny vadose of subjugated glyphodes enthralled to
uncirculating tingling hammers & bickering not unlike a meltling fussle: lookit: whinny
wingtips & punkie color that is screeved grey in a stupor, tachydidaxy -- that is tirty on a
cross-head pin of cuccuruddu ruzuzu, pinned lattice in a headlock by a nitwit in the chancel
nervures, not noppy-filth or a sippled pharynx, not phonytypy like a butt-scuttled rose being
snorted in a cheeky pouch, not a dusty dolt of a night-worm and maroon-shallowed, not dold to
be a wigging boozy bumbler of underbelly muckets opiniated by the ins & outs of Buffy's unknotty
screw eye of roughly gauzy ruffles, ruffly guttural emptinesses forbing ch -- cruvacious eyelashes
even too, so as to, bitcho-niggling liquefying starchy paste as an empty sooner than an obolus
later -- of scapegrace --



assess, croon, cuss, souse morose veneers weaving cavernous carcasses to carouse with wan cues
cooing murmurous neo-runes in the crux of the corona's crossed nexus necromancer: ear mane
urn ace rose sores' scores' accruing nervy curves that aver to crazily-razed vacuous crevasse
arse-dawn snows wanking the core of the moon-moaner's succored nervous verse in arrears to
sonorous eves of venomous anemone.



The arc of a cursor caressing scans -- it sooner occurs to no one, none, that the suave nuances
concur to crave concave, that the credence of the sun's enamel cameo in the cove ooze is
unaware of the screwy seesaw's worn craw in the enormous ozone waves.



Eaves swoon cess, scour curs, ensconce naves, snare amorous smears, access weaned screams.



Wee hoo-hoo unsexed sax moss sass crass scree nonce unseen; it severs the assurance of
narrower maroon resonances turtling & turkling bellite kakawahie elations so cucullate,
melomanic lacunose timbres in conical calyptra clefs, icerya sazerac, a rash of vesicles in the
tomorry clefts, parielesis of euiaoy scabs, a bundle of pneuma ice spurs, zoops of szepasszony
taboos, naow -- thurr igh elp unch uge, owever wooed.

Lanny Quarles

Pain Grabber! Do Anything With Hovering Lantern Platforms!

leper peppers
them to call a sky platform over to sweep it
no page but in the standing
these letters are led
onto a sky platform

some letters chew gum
read newspapers
walk in ever-widening gyres until

lepus stele
the black chrome transparency units
self-arrange into stream viabilitease
one palm
with five tongues
each tongue with a faux
silver fingernail
like a cuff-link
piercing the tip

of the browser people's
air curtain spheriod

some letters chew sheriods
into pierced gum platforms
which they eject like tongues

faux fire or fuaxe
as in

"It wields the mighty FOO-AXE,
and slices the head off whole leaving it alive
and the neck hole a nub of squirming onionworms
or faux curtain spheriods today
in the browser people's

curtain wads

a human cuff-link
head goes through button hole
little knees bend out like pipe cleaners
to hold the cuff

the shirt
made from a belly rumble
a giant green glass tapir skeleton
with an oversized black chrome human skull unit cupola
and the whole thing fleshed in

a/v balloon pixel machines
"It wields the mighty FOO-AXE,

but it does not have
a button to close quotation
there is no closing it.


it speaks
it spakes
it spraykes
it squeaks
its quakes
its made from a belly rumble
leper peppers
them to call a sky platform over to sweep it
no page but in the standing
these letters are led
onto a sky platform

The Rainbow Yeti
with big silver sunglass

is there to braid
your squirming meme puppy chains
into plaint songs


its head like a rubber pebble salt shaker
coming in from the flappy salloon doors

alls webby



punitive hobbligato's
dungaree ear agony noodling
it stays

tied to the rooster
whose feet like a fever
are the home
of much lightning

lightning through a noodle
is a flat oblong box
the secret agent
hands to the numberless
box at the base of the

there is a gap
between the buildings
with a cantilevered ribbon machine
that draws the agent up

the landing is a doorway
and the door itself is like a
life-sized gourd that
spins radially

to enter the doorway
one must enter the door itself
and one's head goes into
the upper part of the gourd

the hot squash alphabet tennis oven
gives its overt furniture spider
over the luxurism of speaking
through pillows

an illuminated hovering pillow chair
could gesture
with a jewelled chain
it might hang from its


where to begin
several lager than life-sized glass
bicycles are melded into a complicated
frame for a hammock

a goat's head pokes out
from an amorphous red pod bristling with little
hoses dripping fragrant droplets
onto an amplified tympanum

the goat's voice
is made into pictures
on a rear projection trampoline
upon which bounce

them sweet garudas
in dew rags
and particle rays

there is a robot
you can put your face in
and it will give you


mastering physics

developing anemones along its browser,
memories of the green box which held
its head sloping down to the incandescent
filter array submerged at the letter
of the river


the constable mass, mess,
yes, as, is united in uneasy essays
an assay sorted
by much tinkering blinkered

at 21, the clear gelatin centaurs
were still pulling song across
the prairie

optic nerves
turning into nipple chord arrays
on the back of the craniumph

Haruna says:

touch the blind oval of its guide
the sauntering and empty pleasure

Haruna says huge empty shells are already

Only a glow-erm says

take this between the legs, matha,

Oology ala Eulogy
good as a dug
in its digs


a glow enters the stare of a room
and sockets suck samples
into the paintings
conferring at the surface


braidal eff

for cussing is its shallowed breath
a puma in piano saddle
with sidecups
of cappuccino

capo di signe'
ligne' di signe'

my mask is a living spider,
the face beneath
a sucking pit
to power many foamily

hologram bobbin printer
each thing
with its disagreeing otherness

each other
in agreement
with disagreeable

tertiary syphilis
comparing skeletons
to mirrored taffy

take surface as a gate
the nude child
will hide inside
a slug-like dog

a perfectly spherical sun glass helmet
the skull-less head within

by a glass sculpture
fused to the arc
of what is peripheral
to revulsion

on to organ design
murphy engulfing
the rot of license

the unceasing bottle cannon
the seizure of its hollow bolts
by a distance
confined to distance

Feeding Stalin Clones To Yetis

In here they feed clones of Stalin to the Yeti,
and from the architect's video mandala legend,
I see

the waterfall of petrified babies
has halted to reveal an oval
membrane bulge
which this gat handle after agate
should remain

Maria with the tyrant's knife
flaying spather
an all-time high
adeno edge fulcrum
long clasp actograph
in which the k and w
of knife and write
were originally

long dark hair-like rooms
behind the realistic arm

Stalins are stacked casually behind the
and each freedom loving cell
is enslaved to a freedom-loving collective
to whatever idiotic silence
the gravy milked from the sausage
when the winter wasn't looking

snow white wrought iron
could replace the difference

the patio at the epicenter
of the wrought iron brain cameo's

role-playing doctor's bag.

glory is twine-felled
but under its gloomiest traditions
the main-frame is held to be a
material reward?

I've seen the Heraldo,
it's liver-spotted Gaudi-rama,
and now I am just stunned into whatever
omission the cryogenics officer
ingects into my

hang nail.

Imagine me as a realistic hollow jesus wall hanging
a crucifix
in which the latest Intel 50 processor computer
with Terra-byte computer
and DSL wifi-modem are combined

no imagine it is Satan crucified,
and that Satan is a woman, I mean
a combination desk top tower and wifi modem.

They are all Stalin.


Think of Altlanta. Saint. Stalin.
As Clone food.
For Cellphone headed Yeti.
It's like the Boobtube
became an ideology,
or revealed the fundamental insanity

of the Songwizard's

A dungeon of light.
Skill is just another addiction.

Pass by these dioramas one more time:

Octopus with beautiful girl trapped inside its head.
That same scene rendered as a wall-hanging computer.
The same scene as a cellphone.

The Vatican
as a cellphone
to a god
which is an octopus
with a girl inside
its head.

Edited by Jukka-Pekka Kervinen
All works copyright by authors

Puhos, Kitee, Finland, 2010